Diocese of Natal

our vision

Our Vision

"For God so love the world that he gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16) Amen.
mission statement

Mission Statement

We, the Anglican Diocese of Natal, are called in Christ to love the world by giving of ourselves fully to serve God’s mission of salvation; peace, justice and reconciliation.
prayer worship

Prayer & Worship

Let us pray against disocuragement and defeat. Let us leave the past in ashes and look forward in courage and faith.

The Five Missional Marks

As the Vision for loving the world as Jesus loved is pursued, these are the Five Missional Marks we need to concentrate on:
  1. Maturity in Faith (“Deep Water”)
  2. Life Giving Prayer and Worship
  3. Community Engagement / Loving Outreach
  4. Evangelism and Intentional Discipleship
  5. Unity / Relational Ministry

Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I greet you today as we begin the Season of Lent. Last year’s palm crosses have been burned and destroyed by fire. Only ashes remain. “Leave the past in ashes”, our liturgy tells us. But this is a hard thing for us to do. It is so much easier to cling to the past. We hold on to past hurts, we relive old memories, we dwell on unforgiven sins. We cling to grudges. And we begin to feel hopeless. Because we are a Church steeped in tradition, we can easily fall into the trap of constantly looking backwards. But Ash Wednesday urges us again, “Return to the Lord with all your heart; leave the past in ashes and turn to God with tears and fasting, for he is slow to anger and ready to forgive.”